There’s no better place for a checkup than a hospital.

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Ordinary checkups from extraordinary people

With routine checkups, The Animal Hospital works exactly like any vet. We have plenty of vets on staff and a comfortable modern waiting area.

We like to allow 45 minutes for a standard consultation so we can get a thorough read on your pet's situation, regardless of their age.

As a teaching hospital you might also find students observing your pet's checkup too, which means even more caring people to fuss over your little loved one.

Call 1300 652 494 and book your pet for a checkup today.

Small animal primary care

From basic prevention care for puppies and kittens to managing complex health issues in geriatric animals of all species, The Animal Hospital is well equipped to get small animals back on their little feet.

Our Primary Care team are highly skilled veterinarians and nurses working with the very latest equipment.

As we’re a teaching hospital, we often have final year students observing our vets. These students are also incredibly hard working and that means your animal gets more care and attention during its stay (as well as some extra pats).

Small animal services

  • Health checks, vaccinations and preventative health care
  • Sterilisation and other surgical procedures
  • Dietary and product advice
  • Dentistry in our purpose-built dentistry suite
  • Diagnostic imaging (radiography, ultrasound, CT)
  • Laboratory testing
  • Management of any illness or injury
  • Puppy training classes
  • Pet first aid courses


The key to keeping animals healthy is knowing what could go wrong before it does go wrong. On top of the biology of the animal itself, we also consider their diet, lifestyle and the environment they live in.

As well as standard preventions like worms and fleas, we’ll discuss the other less common diseases your pet risks being exposed to and the appropriate vaccinations and blood tests.

It's all part of how we make the most of your animal's annual health check and arrive at a tailored preventative health plan just for them.