animal vets

From ambulatory services to herd health and management.

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About our farm care offering

We have a dedicated farm animal health team available to you every day. They're skilled, passionate and hugely experienced whether your animals are livestock pets, hobby farm stock, or large stud and commercial farm herds. And we'll come to your property any time, day or night.

For the smaller scale patients, we consult on a range of areas from basic health and nutrition, vaccination and parasite control, all the way up to emergency injury, illness and birthing difficulties.

For large-scale beef, dairy cattle and sheep farming operations, we provide advice on the complete management of your stock; including breeding. We also specialise in bull breeding soundness examinations, pregnancy diagnosis in sheep and cattle, artificial breeding of cows and sheep, mastitis surveillance, parasite programme planning, breeder herd health programmes and dairy herd health visits.


Normal hours are weekdays 8.30am - 4.30pm and 24/7 for emergencies. If animals are your livelihood we're available to you any time and day of the year.