About our 24hr emergency & critical care

When your whole life is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of animals, clocks don't matter. Especially in an emergency.

We have qualified caring staff available around the clock, every single day of the year. Just like a human hospital.

So please get one of our fridge magnets and make us the first number you call if you find yourself in an emergency with any small or companion animal.

Or come straight in; you don't need a referral.

Pricing & payment

We think it's best to be totally transparent with our emergency pricing to avoid any shocks at an already worrying time for you.

When you come in, our staff will provide an estimate of the charges at the time of admission or treatment. Like most vet clinics, we don't offer credit and full payment is required at the time you take your animal home.

Also, a deposit of half the estimated amount is required for all patients on admission. If your animal needs to stay in hospital for an extended period, you'll be given daily account updates.

Payment methods

You can pay by EFTPOS, credit card or cash. If you anticipate a problem with payment, please tell us, we want to help. Our hospital also offers a service called ‘VetPay’ which is available to eligible clients. For more information, head to www.vetpay.com.au

Consultation fees

An after-hours consultation fee is charged for the initial assessment. While in hospital, your animal will be under 24-hour supervision in our purpose designed ICU ward. Patient hospitalisation and monitoring fees are charged per 12 hour period and vary depending on the intensity of monitoring required. In cases of serious financial constraint, our Emergency & Critical Care vets will tailor the best affordable treatment for your pet.

We hope this gives you a clear understanding of how emergency and payments work, but if you need more information please call 1300 652 494.